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Welcome to 1A4 Group

When it comes to your cargo you expect a partner with knowledge of maritime, offshore, port-related, industrial and technical services. At 1A4 Group we understand your needs. 1A4’s specialty is making sure that your cargo gets lashed & secured for transport.

Do you expect a reliable, experienced and innovative partner to deliver?
When it comes to the world of lashing and securing, our companies all have their own specializations. This enables us to offer full package solutions to any demand, no matter the size or weight.

Do you desire a true partner 24|7?
Our lashing companies currently operate in the Hamburg – Le Havre area and our temp agencies deploy personnel to any assignment. The 1A4 Group also offers, develops and delivers lashing materials worldwide for transport by sea, rail, road and air.

Project cargo? Conventional? Delicate?
We guarantee a high level of know-how and are able to provide a solution for your queries. It is our intention to become your main partner to secure any kind of cargo.


Your reputation, our mission!

  • We give absolute priority to safety and quality.
  • We emphasize ethical conduct and we strive towards corporate, social and ecological responsibility.
  • We work continuously towards innovative and sustainable solutions.

Through the implementation of different management systems (VCU, VCA, ISO 9001, OHSAS 18001 & ISO 14001) we want to guard quality, safety and environmental aspects in our processes.